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Forex trading can be a very risky adventure. Therefore, when faced with the high risks of this highly volatile market, novices with less risk appetite are easily discouraged. In order to take full advantage of their trading opportunities, a slightly more accurate method is needed to guess the direction of the transaction. We like to call it “The Signal Service”.

 In essence, forex signals are trading ideas and analytic reviews that can help other traders maximize profits whilst mitigating risk. The advantage of forex signals is that any trader, be they a professional or beginner can benefit from them in additional to their current trading strategy, or to give another perspective or view on the market.

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Provided in real-time, forex signals let you understand the trading conditions of other experienced traders. you may already have your own forex trading strategy, however supplementing your own trading with forex signals can both increase your profitability factor and understand market analysis from another perspective and increase the success rate of trading.

What are forex signals?

Forex trading signals are simply ideas from other traders or financial analysts. Depending on your preferences and interests, forex trading signals may alert you to potentially profitable transactions within the selected currency pair. Once you subscribe to our forex signal service, you can expect to receive timely updates to inform you of potentially valuable trades, which will include a suggested ‘take-profit’ and ‘stop-loss’ marker/s


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What our Clients Say?

You signals have been a useful learning tool for me as a beginner in forex trading. I have no regrets joining. I look forward to earning more profits with you thank you!
Amanda Lee
Thank you guys for your great analysis. I will continue to subscribe because it saves me so much time doing my own analysis, keep up the great work
Anil Patel
Honestly i dont think i would ave continued trying to trade forex without the help of SignalsFX service, i have found it to be invaluable and am actually making money for the first time
Catherine Gilbert

How are your signals generated?

Our Trade team performs quantitative analysis on the most promising instrument based on scalping or day trading strategies from our professional traders.  At this point, we determine our own Risk/Reward analysis using our preferred technical indicators. it is only at this point when all our criteria are met, will we conclude and execute a trading signal to be sent out to our subscribers.

Frequently asked questions

Our core objective is to execute from our determined highest probability point of success and so each trade signal is concise with only the key points. It will include the following: –

Currency Pair

Long / Short

Entry Price

Stop Loss Point

Take Profit Point

We typically use Limit Order entry or Stop Order entry. we are well prepared in our conclusion of what price level we aim to execute the trade. which allows our style of trading adequate time to take full advantage of the trade opportunities.

Our simple and direct approach to the market makes us efficient. all our trade signals are discretionary (not AI-driven), this ensures a real trader determines whether we publish or send out a trade alert.

we recommend that you to use a regulated Forex broker. You can find the best recommendation if you contact us

Yes! Our support team is available weekdays and they can be reached via email.

We cannot, however if you search the Internet you will find Telegram Trade Copier services which may suit your needs

Our traders operate within the European and UK markets predominantly

It depends on the credentials of who is providing them and your own Risk appetite.   Try our signals for 14 days with a conservative Lot size and see for yourself!

when searching for a free Forex signal provider, their are pros and cons to consider.  Our signals are provided by our professional trader and have real value.  We think you will see that same value.

Signals FX


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